Welcome to Core Quality Kitchen, Cabinets and Interiors

Welcome to Core Quality Kitchen, Cabinets and Interiors. Our specialty fields are kitchen, bedroom and office design – manufacture and installation. Only materials of excellent quality and from reputable suppliers are used. We also offer a “one stop renovation service”meaning we will appoint and manage all other trades like plumbers, builders and electricians taking the hassle and stress out of your home or kitchen alteration.

Professional and Elegant Designs

Design and planning is done with state of the art computer aided design packages, giving our customer the luxury of visualising the proposed design and requesting changes well before the manufacturing process starts. Cupboards and units are handcrafted at our own manufacturing facility, giving us freedom in our designs and enabling us to deliver to our customer the layout they desire.



  • Planning
  • Design
  • Installation

Be it a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or home office unit, all our projects are customized for each clients needs, budget and  lifestyle. We consider this to be an exciting and stimulating process that begins with planning…  making decisions relating to  workspace layouts, heights of units, ergonomics , the architectural style and details ,the colour palette, materials, work surfaces, appliance selection, lighting and much more.

During the planning phase we will introduce you to the wide range of options and finishes available while doing a lot of listening relating to your needs and vision. The initial meeting can be done at the clients home or job site or in our studio, whatever suits best. Once we feel we have sufficient information we can take it to the next level – design.

Using state of the art kitchen design and rendering software we will transform all the considerations and options discussed to design sketches and construction specifications for your project. These plans can be rendered as 3 dimensional drawings to help you visualise the proposed design.

Together we will refine the details of the plan and finalize choices of materials and accessories and appliances that will be required for your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

Once the design and contract has been finalized an appointment will be made to visit or revisit the site and take final measurements, should there be any changes the drawings will then be updated for production. Once we have our final design for your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom we will prepare plumbing and electrical drawings where applicable.

When the confirmed order goes into production a lead time of between 4 and 6 weeks from date of final measurements to time of delivery is to be expected. Should you require during this time period our contractors can take care of all wetworks, stripping the old kitchen, plumbing, electrical, tiling and any new walls that might be needed, you are of course welcome to contract builders etc. directly for any other works required.

We have found that by using our own contractors and taking care of our own project management we are able to avoid almost all the usual disappointments that are so common in the industry.

Installation for an average kitchen is usually 2 to 3 days. Following the installation of the units the Countertops will then be measured for production.  Our stone suppliers will normally deliver within 3 – 7days from measure, only then can the sinks and hobs be fitted and minor snags attended to. This brings us to the end of the project.