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Shaun Payne

Director and Dictator (in his own mind). At the age of 37 finally hung up his boots after 15 years of professional rugby with the Natal Sharks and then Munster (Ireland). Shaun recently became sole director of CORE and can be found cycling the best roads and single track the Cape has to offer when not ensuring every last client is deeply satisfied!

Michelle Payne
The actual boss

The actual boss, blessed with real drive, limitless ambition, and uber communication skills.

‘I enjoy being a part of our family business and the team that we have built over the years.   Each project has a unique story behind it and I love seeing how they evolve and come to fruition’

'The only way to do great work is to love what you do' - Steve Jobs

Lawrence Payne
Founding member

Founding member of L&G Interiors 16 years ago which eventually became CORE (PTY) Ltd in 2012, can be found patrolling the factory and installation sites with a beady eye and sharp tongue nowadays, semi-retirement beckons, but is not welcome.

Nadia Natisvili
Design and component guru

Design and component guru with plenty of overseas expertise and experience, loves to be elbows deep in any software related issues - dedicated gamer!

‘I joined Core around 3 years ago. I love my job here because everyone shares the same vision, dedication, and ethics.
From a design perspective I have the opportunity to be creative and innovative.
For me it's not just being part of Core’s team, it is being part of Core’s Family. I m very happy and proud being here’

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Jade Batt
Design and sales

Recent CORE convert, with design and sales experience at industry leaders in the Western Cape. Her infusion of new ideas, designs and processes have inspired the rest of the team.

“ As the newbie I already feel very welcomed into this amazing team and can't wait to grow from strength to strength with them.“

‘You can't use up creativity . The more you use, the more you have’
Maya Argelou

Riedewaan Arendse
Installations manager

Installations manager, the father of 7 (yes 7!) children and consequently very good at multitasking and problem solving on-site, rumour has it that he could install joinery before he could walk.

Daniel Tembo
First employee and longest-serving member

Honourable mention for being our first employee and longest-serving member right back to the L&G days.

Stephen Morris
Lead machinist

Lead machinist - nothing excites him more than a challenging joinery unit to unleash his 18 years of experience on, don't try to talk to him when he is busy.

Elroy Stander
The joker

The joker, keeps a smile on everyone's faces, even when the going gets tough!